Produced by-Vijay Anthony Film Corporation

Scripted & Directed by-Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi

Cast-Vijay Anthony, Anjali, Sunaina, Amritha, Shilpa M anjunath, Yogi Babu, Jayaprakash, Vela Ramamurthi & R.K.Suresh

Censor Rating- U

Running Time-133 minutes

Vijay Anthony who tried out a dual role in his earlier outing, ‘Annadurai’ has moved on to the level trying out multiple characters this time in this action packed film the title of which has been borrowed from the Rajnikanth’s film of 1980! As the three roles that he dons are all rural based, the main character that gets transformed into the other ones as the narration unfolds is primarily projected as a person settled in the U.S. who takes a trip to his motherland to get into the roots of a specific yet bizarre dream that he experiences once too very often! Like his foster dad who is a doctor there, he too is a medical practitioner on whose name (Bharath), a multi-speciality hospital functions! How he moves forward in his mission to track the roots of his real parents (by now he is aware of the fact that his present parents had adopted him!) as the screenplay moves forward is the unexpected rest leading to the lifting of the curtains and the truth being revealed!

Bharath loses no time to track the identity of his mother who had died while saving him as a child from the horns of a raging bull! He learns that his mother’s name was Parvathy & Kaali, his own! But the same cannot be said regarding his efforts to trace his father who is believed to have deserted her!

Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi who debuted as a filmmaker through ‘Vanakkam Chennai’ (2013) that had Jai & Priya Anand in the lead roles scores well as far as the screenplay is concerned! Each time a ‘suspect’ surfaces qualifying for scrutiny (of being his biological dad!) while Bharath & his friend, Gopi (Yogi Babu) are on the rounds with that ‘objective’ on hand, Bharath turns into that person and there are three such occasions and three persons in question! A bit confusing to begin with but the audience get used to that with start of the 2nd episode!

Anjali plays a village quack whose ‘practice’ takes a hit the moment lands up and opens up a medical centre! But as the narration unfolds, that character named Punithavalli vanishes as the other episodes open up!

In the 1st episode the duo come across Periyasamy (Madhusudhanan) a village biggie, the 1st suspect who unfolds his flashback that takes the viewers to a college narrating the tale of a Romeo & Juliet (Vijay Anthony & Amritha), both of whom die at the end of this episode thereby clearing off Periyasamy!

The next ‘candidate’ is Maari (Nasser), a thief who is confronted by a young housewife, Parvathi, (Shilpa Manjunath, a sizzling debut!)), suffering at the hands of her aged husband (Vela Ramamurthy), a marriage out of compulsion!

Bharath becomes Maari who develops a relationship with Parvathi but she gets killed accidently while saving him! This one too ruled out, the next one comes in!

John (Jayaprakash), a clergy man does a lot to that neighbourhood which is split by caste differences! At the time of his arrival there, a delicate moment had forced him to make advances to Poomayilu (Sunaina), a village belle who had coordinated with him while serving a pregnant woman! Unassumingly, these portions tend to take a slant towards a particular religion!

Having accomplished his mission, Bharath decides it best to leave things as it is and let his biological father continue his services as the Father of a Church!

Vijay Anthony looks good in the action scenes too. His music is soothing & satisfactory and as his characteristic feature, he presents a theme tune too!

Richard M.Nathan’s cinematography deserves mention.