Produced by-Marvel Studios

Distributed by-Walt Disney Studios

Cast-Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Bennedict Cumberbatch, Don Cheadle, Tom Holland, Josh Brolin etc

Music-Alan Silvestri

Cinematography-Trent Opaloch
Screenplay- Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely
Based on ‘The Avengers’ by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby
Directed by-Anthony Russo & Joe Russo

This 19th instalment is reportedly the most expensive movie made in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with an ensemble cast like never before!
The crux of the plot is the biggest battle waged against the all powerful and mighty Thanos in which all of the super heroes of MCU have come together for the first time!
For a film with such a magnitude, almost all the super heroes get their due mileage and the screen writers have to be complimented for taking up the crucial challenge of offering enough space to one and all!
Right from the opening sequence, the film moves on a steady path punctuated by a steady pace with a narrative that is constantly coherent!
The action sequences have been well thought out mounted and executed on a very large canvas and the large scale action is further enhanced by effective performances with never a dull moment!
Of course, the trademark humour too is omnipresent giving the audience a sigh of relief from the action scenes that are one too many!
The film has met with a rousing reception wide across not only cities but also in smaller towns, needless to mention the hamlets, where, we here that this film has witnessed an unprecedented opening much more than that of a regional film with a top star in the respective centres!
It is worth noting that a sequel is reportedly underway and is expected to hit the screens, next summer!
It was indeed thoughtful on the makers of super star Rajnikanth’s ‘Kaala’, to have postponed the date of release as it was originally planned to release on the same day as the arrival of the super heroes!
The dubbed regional versions of the film have in fact ensured the attendance of a wider sect of audience!