Produced by-Trans Media India

Written & Directed by-Isaq

Cast-Aari, Aasna Zhaveri, Kaali Venkat, Athulya Ravi, MGR Latha, Sithara etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-128 minutes


After Nedunchalai, Aari has bagged yet another powerful character in this ghost thriller that blends elements of horror with humour both of which are enjoyable for the most part! Barring a few portions that appear monotonous, the film is thoroughly enjoyable right from the opening scenes that showcase the travails of a house broker who finds it difficult to take off in his chosen career! While his younger brother is well settled with a lucrative job, his younger sister (Athulya Ravi) who lacks in her power of speech is looking forward to get married!

As the family of the boy whose alliance is sort for the Aari’s sister demand sovereigns in heavy measure, Aari leaves out of town to sell out a theatre property owned by their father who is no more now!

Soon after arriving there accompanied by his friend (Kaali Venkat), Aari experiences some strange happenings at the theatre! He doesn’t believe when he is informed by the locals that the theatre has been ‘occupied’ by a ghost, he chooses not to believe but the further turn of incidents force him to change is opinion!

The interior of the theatre has been done up so well that the eerie effects are very effective, credit to the art director, T.Ramalingam!

The effort put in by the filmmaker to churn out a tale that is enjoyable and interesting is quite evident right through the proceedings! Sri, the scorer and Nauzad the cinematographer have contributed immensely to keep the film’s tempo upbeat!