Produced by-B Studios

Scripted and Wielded by-Bala

Cast-Jyothika, G.V.Prakash Kumar, Ivana, Rockline Venkatesh etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-100 minutes


Given the fact that it is Bala film, one would expect some gory violence and words of dialogue that would stun the audience but the veteran filmmaker has ventured into a different setting this time, championing the cause of vulnerable, young and hapless minor girls who get victimised by those men who exploit them!

Indeed it is his career best role that he has donned as far as G.V.Prakash Kumar is concerned! While Veiyil threw light on his acumen as a composer, Naachiyyar has thrown light on his acumen as an actor! Ivana, a debutante, is very natural as the girl in question around whom the screenplay has been woven! She has done exceedingly well!

Rockline Venkatesh, a well known Kannada filmmaker appears as a cop. He has in fact come up with a convincing portrayal! He can actually come around as a character actor at Kollywood.

Ilaiyaraja’s background score syncs well with the mood of the scenes uplifting the emotional content to the next higher level!

As usual, Bala takes a dig at God and God’s role play in the lives of the human beings!
Arasi (Ivana) is a pregnant young girl from the lower echelons of the society who earns the sympathy of a dare devil cop, Naachiyaar (Jyothika) who has a ‘court’ of her own when it comes to dealing with hard core criminals!

Naachiyaar takes pity on the plight of Arasi and not before long she rounds up Kaathavaraayan alias Kaathu (G.V.Prakash Kumar) who is believed to be responsible!
On realising that Kaathu too is innocent and his love for Arasi is genuine, she takes Arasi under her wings but she receives a bolt from the blue when she learns that Kaathu is not the biological father of the child whom Arasi is carrying in her womb!
A new hunt starts at the end of which the person responsible is brutally punished by Naachiyaar!

Some unnecessary references to religion and God could have been avoided!

For a change, Bala has resorted to a happy ending for this flick that is good enough for the most part!