Produced by-Moving Frame

Written and Wielded by-Vijay Chander

Cast-Vikram, Tamannah, Soori, Aruldoss, Sriman, Abhishek Vinod, RK Suresh, Harish Peradi, Sri Priyanka and Vela Ramaoorthy

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-138 minutes


Yet another routine tale of friendship and action this is with Chiyyan Vikram appearing in the title role. Vikram called Jeeva is also known as Sketch who works in a garage run by a Settu (Harish Peradi). No marks for guessing that the backdrop is North Madras that is now Chennai!

Two years after Vaalu(2015), Vijay Chander has come up with this action flick that showcases Vikram as Sketch, perhaps on the strength of his ability to scheme up things! He is well versed in snatches vehicles the EMIs of which have fallen overdue! Sketch has a special fascination for vehicles and whenever he is out on a call to rough up some thugs, he either drives a jeep or rides a stylish looking motor bike!

The plot is very simple as it happens to be a revenge drama and yet another added attraction is the manner the film’s hero is worshipped, at times, a little too much! Surprisingly, a feature that is never present in any of the films of Vikram so far!
No doubt, the film’s climax has an interesting twist but the narration otherwise runs on predictable lines offering nothing new or novel!

The duets shot on the lead pair offer scope for Thaman, the scorer but he seems to have taken it all too easy!

Vikram has done his best but his characterisation could have had more of depth!

Royapuram Kumar as the antagonist has done a neat job. The rest of those in the cast too have done their parts without a blemish!

An entertainer for the festival season aimed at pleasing the ardent fans of Chiyaan Vikram!