Produced by-24 AM Studios

Scripted and Directed by-Mohan Raja

Cast-Sivakarthikeyan, Nayanthara, Fahadh Fazil, Prakashraj, Sneha, Vijay Vasanth, Rohini, Charlie etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-159 minutes


Years earlier Rajnikanth and Amala played the lead roles in a film carrying the same title and here too, the title has been used in the same context as one who provides services to a company or in short an employee!
Unlike the previous one which was a wholesome entertainer, this flick has its premise set on a serious subject-adulteration in consumer products, those meant for kids included! Of course, this too has its moments of entertainment by way of subtle romance between the lead pair as well as some lighter moments that lighten up the frames without burdening the viewers with a heavy dose of preaching continuously! Nevertheless, the film’s objective is commendable as the maker Mohan Raja seems to have spared no effort to delve deep into the subject as evidenced by the statistics provided by him then and there in course of the unfolding of the narration!  Perhaps, a few lessons from his father Mohan hailed as Editor Mohan would have possibly facilitated him to sound less preachy and of course, to be brief too as the film seems interminable in terms of its length!

Undoubtedly, the film is a milestone in the career graph of Sivakarthikeyan who has made the best use of the opportunity offered! But it is Fahadh Fazil making his debut in Tamil who proves a scene stealer in almost all the scenes that he walks in! His cool and calm composure stands him in good stead and he can earnestly look forward for a solid innings here at Kollywood! Interestingly, he is the second one to arrive here after Nivin Pauly who got launched in Tamil through Rcihie, recently!

This is Nayan’s next outing after Aramm but unfortunately her characterisation is very strong serving no big purpose in the proceedings though her scenes of introduction suggest that! As a writer, Mohan Raja has taken up a very sensitive theme for deliberation but as a director he has resorted to a mode that looks like as though he intended delivering a sermon! Also, too many details about the functioning of the food industry, that too, too very deeply which may not exactly sustain the interest of the viewers for that long a time! Adding to these woes is the fact that most of the characters, like that of Nayan, Prakashraj etc have been underwritten as they suddenly become insignificant in the proceedings! Even Fahadh Fazil’s character which goes on well till about 80% plus of the proceedings suddenly becomes static with no strategies to throw upon the hero! Till then, he is shown as a guy who uses his brain power but never his brawn power while tactfully double crossing his business rivals in a cold blooded manner without an iota of feeling or ethics but when the protagonist turns cinematic towards the closing portions, he gives up hopelessly and starts damaging lights and light holders! Maybe, the director wanted the viewers to feel that he has give up on his brain power and has resorted to using (his own!) brawn power for destruction of light fittings!

The theme is about a well meaning youth, Arivu(Sivakarthikeyan) hailing from the slums who wants to run a FM Radio for his area that is controlled by a self styled thug, Kasi(Prakashraj). That objective fulfilled, he turns his attention to serving a consumer products manufacturing company! While he regards working hard to be his Mantra, his mentor, Aadhi(Fahadh Fazil) teaches him that it is smart work and not hard work that counts! What Aadhi doesn’t exactly tell him is that by working smart he means pulling the rug under the rivals and competitors in the most unethical manner possible! It takes some time for the protagonist to realise who actually is the antagonist while he had launched a war against all those corporate companies who function with only one objective- to maximize their profits and in the bargain mixing things in their manufactured food products that are quite harmful to the consumers, kids included! On realising who is the real villain whom he has to confront, Ariva decides to take him head on but by then, Aadhi too unveils his mask himself and throws up a straight challenge at Ariva! Needless to mention, poetic justice prevails at the end!

 Sneha appears in a deglamourised role as a victim of corporate excesses! Rohini and Charlie as the parents of Sivakarthikeyan have done their parts with understanding. RJ Balaji fails to create a flutter mainly owing to lack of scope!

Ramji’s cinematography deserves mention in the crucial scenes. The art direction too warrants mention, the huge sets erected are amazing! Anirudh’s background score is upbeat!

A good subject that has been dealt with in the earnest but could have been presented better.