Produced by-Kenanya Films

Directed by-Caarthick Raju

Cast-Dinesh, Nanditha, Balasaravanan, Sriman, Dilip Subbarayan, Sharath Lokitashwa, John Vijay & Chaya Singh

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-126 minutes


Set against the backdrop of a coastal village, the film frames in the clash between a stranger, Raja(Dinesh) who sets his feet there and a local gangster, Kaaka Mani(Sharath Lohitshwa) and his son Saravanan(Dilip Subburayan)! Caarthick Raju who debuted through Thirudan Police has teamed up with Dinesh for a second time here, needless to mention, the director and the actor seem to share a good camaraderie here too like it happened during their previous collaboration! Nanditha fits the bill perfectly like a T! Dinesh and Nanditha seem to share a very good onscreen chemistry!
Dinesh plays Sakuni kind of character in the sense that he attempts to fight the system while being a part of it! Basically a tale of revenge, the director sliced in loads of humour so that the viewers do not feel the heaviness!

Of course, there are several tense moments in the film but then and there the filmmaker summons Bala Saravanan to lighten up the proceedings while ensuring that the gravity does not get lost!  

Bala Saravanan as Sura Shankar has carried himself well as a fishmonger trying to pass off as a local bigwig! He even plans to get his sister, Kadalarasi(Nanditha) married to Raja whom he had befriended in the pretext that Raja hails from a rich background!
Towards the latter half of the film the viewers are given to understand the real agenda of Raja, the details of which is narrated through a back story!

Justin Prabhakaran’s score adds pep to the proceedings! So does the camera work of P.K.Varma.