Produced by-Nadambal Film Factory

Directed by-Pradeep Krishnamoorthy

Cast-Sibiraj, Remya Nambeesan, Varalaxmi, Anandraj, Sathish, Nizhalgal Ravi, Yogibabu etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-129 minutes


A remake of the Tollywood thriller, Kshanam, this riveting thriller with a bus load of twists & turns packed in tactfully, is certain to take the talented Sibiraj to the next level, both in terms of performance and saleability!

After two films that showcased contrasting themes, Naigal Jaakiradai and Jackson Durai, this one has proved a perfect platform for the actor to showcase his prowess as an actor and he has cashed it in quite well.

With a good script and the characters placed appropriately, the film has a strong emotional core backed by a strong screenplay that has been set at a very steady pace.
Sibiraj appears in the title role, Sathya, belonging to the I. T. Sector, serving in Australia after a break up with his sweetheart, Swetha(Remya Nambisan) who was forced to marry a guy at the instance of her dad(Nizhalgal Ravi).

Out of the blue, Sathya gets a call from Swetha and he flies back home to meet her up. Swetha tells him that her daughter has been kidnapped and seeks his help to rescue her.
On further probing, Sathya realises the intensity of the situation as he is forced to think, of course, by the circumstantial evidences that such an incident never happened!

 Swetha’s husband included, everyone around opines that Swetha never had a child! The police department too claims the same!

When Sathya confronts Swetha regarding the credibility of the kindnap episode, she finds it too hard to digest and chooses the easy way out! Not before long, Sathya realises that Swetha was after all correct and from then on, he spares no effort to go ahead with tracking the truth

Eventually he comes across Chowdry (Anandraj, he is excellent!) a cop who is investigating the case as also his superior, Anuya (Varalaxmi).

As he progresses, Sathya uncovers a lot of shocking revelations, all leading to a hurried climax! Of course, there are a few setbacks but the overall outcome is good enough!
Remya has done a neat job as a suffering mother while Varalaxmi is adequate.

Simon K. King’s music and Arunmani Palani’s camera work are indeed pluses that add pep to the proceedings!

A well crafted thriller that is enjoyable from start to finish!