Produced by-Leo Vision & Cinemawala Pictures

Scripted & Directed by-Maarison

Cast-Geetha, Monica, Dilip Subbarayan, Deepa, Jennifer, Nishesh, Bala, Tejo, Krithik, Aditya, Ajesh, Adharrsh, Raja, Pradeep, Jeremy Roske & Rocky

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-123 minutes


Coming from the makers of Naduvula Konjam Pakkathai Kaanom and Itharkkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumara, one would obviously expect a film that belongs to an offbeat genre but this one turns out to be a ghost thriller with a bunch of kids swarming all over the place! If the certification by CBFC is any indication, the film has not much of a horror-content, understandably as kids have been involved and hence could be construed as a film meant for kids!

A couple of kids have done far better than their grown up counterparts, especially the inquisitive boy who poses unanswerable questions even at ghosts and the girl playing the little ghost! Punnagai Poo Geetha playing the mother ghost is just about adequate but it is a bit saddening to see such an alluring beauty in the form of a ghost!

Dilip Subbarayan causes perplexity by his reflexes! The actors playing an American and a Chinese create a flutter in the closing portions!

A huge bungalow that has some aesthetic furniture and fittings is a haunted place. A bunch of kids, a couple of kidnappers and two men who hold an agenda of killing a kid for monetary gains get trapped there and what follows further is all what the rest of the screenplay is about!

There are several touches that are good enough but the filmmaker seems to have failed to cash them in correctly! Yet another plus of the movie is the fact that the ghosts do not go back in time to dish out a flash back which is the trend of the times!