Produced by-VTV Productions

Scripted and Directed by- G. L. Sethuraman

Cast-Santhanam, Vaibhavi Shandilya, Vivekh, DSampath, VTV Ganesh, Robo Shankar, Sethu, Power Star Srinivasan, Mayilsamy, Sarath Lohitshwa etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-140 minutes


Santhanam who has turned a hero after a successful stint as a comedian plays the lead yet again in this light hearted flick that hardly has any funny moments!  This film is a remake of the Tollywood flick, Loukyam with Gopichand in the lead role.  
While Abhinandan Ramanujam’s camera work is truly commendable, Anthony, the editor could have been certainly more prudent with his scissors as the film’s attempted comedy falls flat at most places!

Surprisingly, Vivekh has also joined the bandwagon of comedians here and has managed to make his presence felt though Santhanam plays the protagonist!  He does his part with his customary ease but it is saddening to see him play second fiddle to Santhanam, given the fact that he too was reigning supremacy as a comedian a little while ago!

In a nutshell, the theme is about a youth, Santa (what he does for a living the audience hardly have any clue!) who falls in love with a cute looking girl, Yazhini(Vaibhavi Sandhilya) who happens to be the sister of a local gangster, Bhavani(Sampath, quite convincing!). As Yazhini is as ruthless and rude as her brother, Santa moves his coins tactfully to lure her first and then takes up the agenda of convincing her brother. How he accomplishes his mission is the uninteresting rest narrated in as boring a manner possible!

No doubt, Santhanam is better off here with his footwork in the song and dance routine but is certainly found wanting in the romantic as well as action scenes!
Songs have been thrust in unimaginatively at all possible wrong places leading to definite distraction but one has to agree that a tune or two scored by STR alias Simbu belong o the hummable variety!

Meticulous care has been given to Sathanam’s hair style and costumes but one can only hope that the same care and concern should have been given while tutoring him to perform! It is but a fact that Santhanam is unable to register the right kind of expressions under any circumstances excepting while delivering punch lines!
Unfortunately, punch lines aren’t in abundance and only few and far most of which fall flat most of the time!

There are too many characters that cause confusion and the reason behind introducing them all one by one is obvious but proves purposeless!

Past his prime, Power Star Srinivasan cuts a sorry figure in a cameo as a screen star! How long is he going to let others have fun at him, that too, at his own cost!

Vaibhav Sandhilya looks impressive but the same cannot be said of her portrayal!

The filmmakers have not laid their focus on the script and hence the screenplay wanders here and there without any point or purpose most of the time!

Further, almost all the scenes and sequences have been conceived and crafted only with sole objective of furthering Santhanam’s image as a hero, the frames appear contrived, unnatural and artificial!

Due focus should have been laid upon at least on the comedy portions which is a definite let down here, even for the hard core fans of Santhanam!

With Santhanam as the hero, there is no proper heroism; nor there is much of humour, most of which failing to evoke laughter!

VTV Ganesh has not much to do here; so does Sarath Lohitashwa!