Produced by-Yes Cinema Company

Co-Written & Wielded by- Gautham Ramachandran

Cast-Nivin Pauly, Natraj (Natty), Shraddha Srinath, Prakashraj, Kumaravel, Raj Bharath, Lakshmipriya, Thulasi, Murugadoss and G.K.Reddy

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-110 minutes


Nivin Pauly, a versatile actor from Mollywood who had debuted in Tamil through Alphonse Puthran’s ‘Neram’ dons a different mantle in this multi-layered flick which is a remake of a Kannada film, Ulidavaru Kandanthe.

The theme deliberates on the plight and predicament of a man who was deserted both by his friend and father, actually a reverend, when he really needed their help and support!

Years have hurried past and that boy having returned from a juvenile home is now Richie (Nivin Pauly) who is a hit man both with his hands as well as with the gun! Richie functions as the chieftain of Isaac Annachi (G.K.Reddy, Vishal’s dad in rather an unexpected role!). Murugesh (Murugadoss) is his good friend.

Raghu (Raj Bharath), Richie’s friend who had run away leaving Richie to fend for himself is now back in town, but with a purpose!

While Sagayam (Prakashraj) Richie’s father who is attached to the local church spends most of his friends redeeming the wrongs of people around, he strongly feels that his son is beyond redemption! Radha (Thulasi) who had been waiting for her son Raghu to arrive longs to leave the place with him!

Selva (Natraj alias Natty) has come in to settle there and is holding the torch for Philomina (Lakshmi Priya) , the only sister of Peter (Kumaravel) who had inadvertently rubbed Isaac Annachi on the wrong side!

Richie tries to be good to Raghu but the latter doesn’t believe him!

All these subplots converge at a point through the eyes of Megha (Shraddha Srinath), an investigating journalist!  

A neo-noir kind of making gives the film a rich-feel but the impact is just passable though the film has its great moments!

Nivin Pauly is very spontaneous and has executed himself quite well. Welcome back, Nivin!