Produced by-Ayngaran International

Written and Wielded by-Thangar Bachan

Cast-Prabhu Deva, Bhumika Chawla, Prakashraj, Ganja Karuppu & Sathyaraj

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-


Thangar Bachan who debuted as a director through Azhagi in 2002 went on to create films most of which were good enough. Solla Marandha Kadai, Thendral, Chidambarathil Oru Appasamy, Onbathu Roobai Nottu etc has come up with this flick that speaks about the plight of lovers who fail to unite owing to the force of circumstances! It takes it further by taking up a case study of a pair of lovers who have loved and then parted ways and now settled down in life separately. What happens when they get to meet again is the crux of this tale narrated in a not so interesting manner!

Firstly, the film was under production for a long time and even after getting g wrapped up was lying in the cans for a very long while before it managed to hit the screens and see the light of the day!

Amidst the main cast, Prakashraj scores over the others though he exhibits a tendency to overdo his part in a few scenes! Bhumika looks jaded but emotes to the necessary levels whenever the situation warrants it!

The same cannot be said of Prabhu Deva who looks like a fish out of water most of the time! Maybe a case of miscasting and it is very obvious that he doesn’t fit into the role of a man suffering intensely internally! Just to give him some solace and of course for the audience as well, he has been provided with an opportunity to shake his legs but those portions lack punch and power!

Sathyaraj makes a cameo appearance as Periyar to a minimum effect!

The director himself has evidently assumed responsibility for the cinematography, the fact remaining and reminding us that he is basically a cinematographer! But there is nothing much to mention as far as the film’s camera work is concerned!
B. Lenin, the editor has done a neat job as there are not many scenes that are not relevant to the main narration!

Porchezian(Prabhu Deva) hailing from a middle class backdrop and Jayanthi(Bhumika) belonging to the upper strata of the society are lovers. Owing to Chezian’s individualistic nature, time and again he gets into law and order problems and on one such occasion gets imprisoned!

Jayanthi gets married to an affluent businessman (Prakashraj), at the instance of her ailing dad while Porchezian marries a girl (Inba Nila) belonging to his own strata!
Life moves on for the former lovers peacefully before a road accident involving Jayanthi’s husband draws them both together as it is Porchezian who offers help to her husband and saves him!

The moment Porchezian realises that the wife of the man whose life he had saved is none other than his former lover he gets crushed with emotions and quits the place the very same instant without even taking leave!

He returns to the quiet of home that comprises his wife and little daughter! Ever since then Porchezian begins to behave in an odd manner as he is badly shaken by the sudden developments that had brought back old memories!

Further turn of events brings the two pairs together and as a mark of gratitude, Porchezian is forced to take up a job in their business establishment.

As the narration unfolds further, both Jayanthi and Porchezian find it too difficult to manage! As if adding fuel to the fire, Jayanthi’s husband  learns about her past with Porchezian through Porchezian’s friend(Sathyan).

How the complex situation is resolved is the emotional rest!

One gets a feeling that the characters of Prabhu Deva and Bhumika haven’t been shaped up properly! As a matter of fact, stability is found lacking in the character-sketch of both! Inbanila playing Prabhu Deva’s wife is an apt choice and she has done quite well.

In all, the film is good in bit and parts but a dated look and lacklustre performances play spoilsport!