Gone are the times when big business establishments and corporate companies stuck to old methodologies in a ceremonious manner without updating as well upgrading themselves! To survive and sustain, especially in the consumer oriented fields, adapting to changes in tune with the trend of the times is but an unavoidable phenomenon! If not adhered to the changing trends, business houses will fall like nine pins! This is very relevant to the consumer industry too as the trends as well as the tastes of the consumers keep changing season to season never remaining static!

Asian Paints, the market giant in the paint industry has consistently updated and upgraded itself according to the contemporary trends that prevail at every point of time!

It is just about three four of a century since Asian Paints entered the market, going great guns still, never hesitating to adapt according to the demands of the marker factor!

In liaison with the ongoing Christmas season and the forthcoming New Year followed by Pongal, Asian Paints has come up with a new concept called ‘Vanna Kolangal’, (closely translated as Colourful Rangoli)  the launch resonating the banner’s longstanding relationship with the market as reflecting its depth of understanding it as well!

This colourful guide that stands and serves a source of inspiration that takes a walk down the memory lane of the State of Tamilnadu visiting its deep rooted culture! The objective is to give a twist to fit the colours to suit the modern day home!

The USP of almost all of the new launches of the paint giant is a strong story board which unveils an interesting tale about the colour application of the brand in contemporary homes!

Vanna Kolangal could be construed as a style book that suggests suitable colours for the interiors and exteriors of the contemporary homes. Surprisingly, it offers close to 50 colour combinations meant for all modes of living spaces! Rather an amalgamation of colour, form, technique and texture!

‘Vanna Kolangal’ has been based on the impression of the people’s deeply felt desires and connections to the culture of the State!-says Amit Syngle, COO, Asian Paints Limited which was founded in 1942!

Reportedly, the paint giant achieves a turnover of 168.70 billion operating in 16 countries with 26 paint manufacturing facilities in the world! It is worth noting that it services customers in about 65 countries across the globe!

Needless to state, Asian Paints is our country’s leading and Asia’s fourth biggest paint company!