BALLOON - Review

Produced by-70 MM Entertainments

Written & Wielded by-Sinish

Cast-Jai, Anjali, Janani Iyer, Yogi Babu, Nahinedu, Subbu Panchu etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-145 minutes


Set against the backdrop of a hill station, the film opens up on an unusual note when a passing couple try to take refuge inside a house in a dilapidated condition gets killed in a strange manner while being unaware of the fact that the house is haunted!

The scene then shifts to a home where the younger brother, Jeevanandam(Jai) is an aspiring filmmaker with two guys to assist him in the execution of his dreams! If one of the two deputies happens to be Yogi Babu can there be dearth of lighter moments in this tale that is about ghosts! Jacqueline (Anjali) his gainfully employed better half is very supportive of her husband’s aim!

With a view to do a ghost-script, Jeeva takes a trip to that same hill station accompanied by his wife and two deputies. Joining them all is Jeeva’s nephew, Pappu(Rishi) who is very talkative!

While Jeeva gets busy with his work of shaping up a proper script for his film, the ghost of a little girl, Joy(Monica) enters that guest house where they have all checked in!

What follows afterward opens up a flashback which lets loose events that are unexpected!

Jai and Anjali have teamed up again that too successfully!

The score of Yuvan Shankar Raja, especially the background livens up the proceedings!