Produced by-R Studios & Vijay Anthony Film Corporation

Written and Wielded by-G.Srinivasan

Cast-Vijay Anthony (double role), Diana Champika, Mahima, Jwell Mary, Radha Ravi, Kali Venkat, Nalinikanth & Cheran Raj

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-128 minutes


After turning a mass hero with Pichaikaran that also showcased a strong subject, Vijay Anthony has donned yet another mass-oriented character in this, that too in a dual role.  The film has enough of family sentiments, romance and action as well but the final outcome leaves much to be desired! Of course, the director hasn’t put much of a strain on Vijay Anthony’s shoulders by way of differentiating between the two roles and both the characters sport a beard and move around in a customised fashion most of the time in the second half! With his limited hold over the arena of acting, Vijay Anthony has done his best and is reasonably good in the action sequences, romantic scenes and emotional moments too.  Diana Champika looks good and creates a flutter in the initial secenes but that is that all can be said of her in the entire film! Su. Senthil Kumaran , a journalist in real life plays her father and has come up with an uninhibited portrayal1 Cheran Raj who is mostly seen as a cop in most of his outings plays a baddie here whose smart moves turn the life of the protagonist upside down! The film’s music isn’t exactly rocking as was the case in the other films made by Vijay Anthony in the recent times. Having handled too many portfolios, he could have at least spared his presence at the editing table that has cast a not so positive impact on the film’s tempo!

In a nutshell the theme is set around the family of two looking alike twins, Annadurai (Vijay Anthony) and Thambidurai (Vijay Anthony, again). While the first one is still nursing the absence of his dead lover over a bottle whenever time permits, the latter is a sports teacher at a local school. Revathi (Diana Champika), a local beauty, is head over heels in love with him as he too reciprocates!

Trouble brews when Annadurai stands surety for a loan raised by his friend Karuna (Kali Venkat) from a local bigwig, Dhayalan (Cheran Raj) and is unable to repay it! Annadurai is forced to repay and he seeks succour from a source much to the disapproval of his brother Thambidurai!

Meanwhile, Annadurai inadvertently causes the death of a bar owner and gets imprisoned!

Dhayalan moves in and spells more trouble for Annadurai’s family forcing Thambidurai to take a new ‘avatar’!  on his return from prison, Annadurai is shocked to see the ‘status’ of his brother who has now turned a henchman to Karuppiah (Udayaraj Kumar)!

How Annadurai mends things in his own way is the rest narrated in a linear fashion!
The director should have put in more efforts in shaping the screenplay in a riveting manner which would have made the proceedings livelier! 

In all, Annadurai is a reasonably good above average time pass!