Produced by- Jyostar Enterprises

Scripted and Directed by-Kabali Selva

Cast-Kabali Selva, Thambi Ramaiah, Ramesh Thilak, Yogi Babu, M.S.Baskar, John Vijay and others

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-129 minutes


Super star Rajnikanth cannot possibly ask for a better gift for his birthday on the 12th as this flick carrying his date of birth is possibly the best possible honour for him as it sketches the life of his fan, a hard core one at that! Set against the backdrop of his film, ‘Kabali’ his latest outing, the film deliberates on the plight of a kungfu master who is his ardent fan!

Selva is now Kabali Selva who is presently imprisoned. While fighting with a politician who had removed the posters of the super star’s film that is releasing, Kabali Selva accidently happens to be instrumental for the death of that man!

While his students carry on with their master’s mission, they take the initiative to get their master out on parole just to watch the movie Kabali, first day, first show! As a surprise for him, they also take the initiative to arrange for a meeting with the super star through the efforts of a man (John Vijay) who is close with the super star!
Their plans go on well till watching the movie but while they are all on the way to meet the super star, the inevitable happens as the brother of the deceased politician sticks a knife into Kabali Selva!

There is a parallel comedy track in the film involving Thambi Ramaiah, Yogi Babu and others but those portions stand out as a definite distraction to the main narration!

Kabala Selva has gone about his role with a lot of conviction! John Vijay is in his usual elements! Thambi Ramaiah disguising as Kamal Hassan isn’t very tasteful!

There are portions that drag a lot but as a whole, the film aims only at glorifying the fan following of the super star and hence would certainly be lapped up by his fans!

Maybe, the super star could have made a cameo appearance in the film which would given a pep to the proceedings!