Produced by-Dream Warrior Pictures

Scripted and Directed by- H. Vinoth

CastKarthi, Rahul Prteet Singh, Abhimanyu Singh, Bose Venkat, Varghese Mathew, Rohith Pathak, Nara Srinivas, Sathyan, Manobala and Sonia

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-157 minutes


Action movies that hit our Indian screens are aplenty but not all make the grade as most of them turn out to be routine ones without much of conviction and commitment! As the name of the production banner goes, this flick which sketches the steps taken by a daring and dedicated cop who leaves no stone unturned in his mission to bring a band of bandits to book, fits the film like a T; indeed this is a dreamy tale of a warrior-cop based on true events!

The screenplay is broad based on the meticulously planned operations of the Tamilnadu State Police Department that gunned down two dangerous criminals belonging to the Bawaria Tribes in the State of Uttar Pradesh which eventually led to the arrest of several others, a decade ago!

We hear that the team collaborated with S.R.Jangid, a recipient of the President’s GoldMedal for Gallantry and of course, other officers who were associated with that case!

It is interesting to note that the young filmmaker had worked on the script of this film first even before he conceived the script of Saduranga Vettai which came in first! His debut vehicle was a movie that dealt with mind games and was good enough; but one is certainly several notches superior! He has proved his command and control over the medium as evidenced by the flow of narration right from the beginning till the curtains are drawn down!

This is an engrossing film that keeps you glued to your seats, gaping at the screen, every moment, without even batting an eyelid! Indeed this is a riveting cop story that definitely warrants a watch. There are a few distractions, initially, but one should opt to overlook those as being cinematic compromises by way of a romantic track! But what was the need to tone down the heroine’s character as a mere muff, who is so poor in academics! A brainless beauty, she has been portrayed as! The duet too is a speed breaker! Sathyan makes a quick appearance and disappears as quickly!

After these initial hiccups, the screenplay settles down with no further distractions and deviations and moves on steadily and stealthily with one single focus without any glitches!

The film opens with a flashback sequence with TheeranThirumaran (Karthi, splendid performance with a well groomed physique!) spending his days in an unimportant posting after having solved a sensational and gruesome crime in a dare devil fashion! He gets a call from, a junior cop who, after going through the case file pertaining to that crime solved by Theeran, bringing back memories of the past and opening the floodgates of some breathtaking moments of that case history that virtually turned his life upside down!  

Cut to his training period at the Police Academy following which Theeran returns home to fall in love with his good looking neighbor, Priya (Rahul Preet Singh) , with Mahesh (Sathyan), obviously, the hero’s friend who is ready to help his friend win his love! Enjoyable yet avoidable portions, these are!

Soon after taking charge, Theeran comes across a peculiar case of daring dacoity and cold blooded murder with the criminals moving about in a lorry, leaving behind not much of a clue!

As he progresses reading the history of the case that leaves no clue about the geography of the gang from elsewhere in the country, criminals begin to strike again and again, and at one point his own family gets affected. His senior, Vijay Rathod (Varghese Mathew) even suggests that he gets off the case but Theeran remains firm! How he finally succeeds in getting closer to the gang and exposes their modus operandi is the gripping rest!

Karthi certainly packs a punch in the title role and this is indeed a milestone in his career!

You have to give full marks to Vinoth for the sincerity with which he has handled the script, the research that has gone in!  He has put in extraordinary efforts while unfolding the history of the Bawariya tribes involved in the crime which clearly reflects his commitment to his writing!

Ghibran’s score lends a lot of credibility to the proceedings. Sathyam Sooriyan’s excellent cinematography walks that extra mile to enrich the virgin locales lifting the movie to further heights!

Sivanandeeswaran’s editing is yet noteworthy feature of this flick as is the action choreography of Dhilip Subbarayan!

A film that stays put in the minds of the viewers for long even long after leaving the theaters!

Also, it is a film that the police department can be proud of with the scenario of cops being portrayed of playing second fiddle to politicians and criminals or as a laughing stock! It also throws light on the practical problems faced by cops who take up their professions a bit too seriously!