Produced by-Annai Film Factorie

 Scripted and Directed by-Suseendran

Cast-Sundeep Kishan, Vikranth Santhosh, Mehreen Pirzada, Soori,  Sathiga,Harish Uthaman, Appukutty, Thulasi and others

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-129 minutes


This bilingual flick (c/o Surya in Telugu) marks the 10th outing of director Suseenthiran, known for his diverse genre of films! As the title suggests, the film showcases loads of action with never a dull moment. It cannot simply be categorized as merely an action film as it lays focus on the purity of friendship too!

The theme has been woven around the efforts of a youth who spares no effort to track those who are trying to kill his close friend!

Though Suseenthiran is better known for his quality films, he has already proved his capability to handle films belonging to the action genre as Naan Mahaan Alla and Pandiya Naadu as both those actions did quite well at the box-office!

He has tried his hand one more time with action genre and has come up reasonably well with an engaging entertainer but one still fells that he could have certainly done a better job!

Right from the moment go, the film follows a steady pace and the suspense element regarding the identity of the real target of murder while all hands point at another is just about surprising but not surprising enough to give a jolt to the audience!

Sundeep  Kishan who made his mark in Maanagaram,  has made his mark well here too! Vikranth Santhosh is impressive and can certainly handle films as a solo hero!

Mehreen Pirzada, the heroine appears in an apology of a role with no solid role to boot making her appearance in some customary tracks of romance speaking her lines in Tamil as artificial as possible!

Harish Uthaman is a diabolical gangster who stands out as a merciless mercenary!
Kumar (Sundeep Kishan), a bubbling youth who aspires to complete his professional degree gets entangled with a problem as he gets vested with the responsibility of saving his friend, Mahesh (Vikranth Santhosh) in whose company he runs a catering business. He gets into problems with a gang headed by Durai Pandi (Harish Uthaman) and that brings in Kumar into the scene of action as the friends in question decide to enter the battlefield!

The plot is no doubt engaging but the writing is a letdown at most places and hence the film sags! Had these shortfalls been mended, the film could have certainly stood out better!  

D. Imman’s music passes muster while the cinematography of J.Laxman glows in the action scenes.

Mu. Kasivishwanathan, who is a seasoned editor, has done his job with expertise but could have made the film still sleek by a little more of tight editing!