Produced by-Lyca Productions

Written and Wielded by-Gaurav Narayanan

Cast-Udhayanidhi Stalin, Manjima Mohan, Soori, Radhika, Daniel Balaji, R.K.Suresh and Gaurav Narayanan in a guest role

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-139 minutes


Gaurav Narayanan who debuted as a filmmaker and actor through Thoonga Nagaram has come up with his third outing the second one being Sigaram Thodu! Given the fact that his first two movies did quite well at the both office with some critical acclaim too, this third one too toes the same line of success as it engages the attention of the audience to a reasonably good level most of the time! The opening segments have been conceived and crafted meticulously with Daniel Balaji stealing those portions in a very casual yet effective manner!

Udhayanidhi Stalin seems to be improving film after film and his performance is noteworthy here in the character of a youth who prefers to make use of his brain power than his brawn power! His foot work deserves mention in that only duet shot at some eye catching locales abroad! Richard M. Nathan deserves a pat on his back for canning that song sequence so well! D.Imman’s music is another noteworthy feature of the film that warrants mention. Both the title number and the duet are sure fire hits!

Manjima Mohan has nothing much to do excepting to look good in some chic costumes. But she better take care of her weight, if she cares to look out for a career in films! Udhay looks sufficiently slim in her company!

R.K. Suresh appears in a semi-villain kind of character and has done a neat job. Sriman as his deputy cuts a sorry figure!

No doubt, Daniel Balaji’s characterization is the film’s USP but unfortunately it gets diluted in the second half, more because of the comic elements introduced through Soori who also plays more of a character based role here!

The combination sequences between Udhayanidhi Stalin and Soori could have been conceived better.

Madhusoodanan (Udhayanidhi Stalin) and Kuzhandhaivelu (Soori) enter police records of being the accomplices of a dreaded and much wanted terrorist, Chotta (Daniel Balaji) who manufactures and executes bombs in busy areas in major cities!

He escapes from the prison where he was lodged by setting up a bomb blast in the prison campus (!) and while moving to other cities to plant bombs, he runs into Kuzhandaivelu who offers him a ‘lift’ in his bike!

While proceeding to meet his lover, Bhargavi (Manjima Mohan) following their plan to get married secretly as Bargavi’s elder brother, Dheena Sebastin (R. K.Suresh) is against their marriage, Madhu’s car accidently hits Chotta and he takes him to a nearby hospital for treatment.

How these two incidents turn the life of both Madhu and Kuzhandaivelu upside down and how they get out of the crisis situation through the smartness of the former is the fairly engaging rest!

The climax sequences have been planned and executed well and the efforts going into presenting it all well is quite evident!