Produced by- KJR Studios

Written and Directed by-Gopi Nainar

Cast-Nayanthara, Kitty, E.Ramadoss, Muthuraman, Rams, Sunu Lakshmi,  Master Ramesh, Vignesh, Baby Mahalakshmi, Vela. Ramamurthy, Jeeva Ravi & Palani Pattalam

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-120 minutes


Being hailed as a lady super star, Nayanthara dons one more woman-centric role coming up with an absorbing performance in the role of a District Collector bearing a rare name, Madhivadhani!

The theme centers round the rescue operations by the District Collector who spares no effort to save a little girl who had fallen into a deep borewell left open!
Set against the backdrop of a remote village where water is very scarce with the inhabitants of that village going away miles far off to fetch water!

The film opens up with the launch of a rocket the act placing our country on the world map with pride and honor! We are then introduced to the Madhivadhani, the District Collector who is being quizzed thoroughly by her superior (Kitty) by way of an inquiry in connection with the rescue of a little girl trapped inside a borewell for having resorted to some bold measures that turned against the interest of the politicians! With political power at play, the District Collector becomes a scapegoat and is facing charges!

The girl in question is Dhanshika (Baby Mahalakshmi) living with her dad Pulendran(Rams), mother Sumathi(Sunu Lakshmi and elder brother, Muthu(Ramesh of Kakka Muttai fame), all living in a barren landscape! While the mom is at work, the little girl falls into the borewell and all hell breaks loose as the entire village assembles there for the rescue act! The fire department is notified by the vehicle breaks down on the way. The District Collector Madhivadhani who is travelling in the neighborhood rushes to the spot and her arrival quickens up the pace of the proceedings as the police as well as the medical team are both geared up into instant action much against their lethargic attitude!

With insufficient infrastructure and equipments, the authorities fail in totality which eventually forces the Collector to initiate rapid action. The Defense Team arrive soon but their efforts get halted as their plan of action to rescue the trapped child fails because of a crack that develops on the surface of the earth close to where the child has been trapped!

The Collector suggests that another child be let down by a rope who can possibly bring up the trapped child while oxygen is being sent down to facilitate the child to breathe!

The local MLA (Vela Ramamurthy) stiffly opposes this as well as the other decision of the Collector to arrest the Councilor to whom the pit belongs as he had failed to close it following the failure of efforts to draw water out of it!

Finally, Muthu, Dhanshika’s elder brother is let down into the pit and after a bit of reluctance owing to fear, he accomplishes his mission successfully!

That is not all as the District Collector is suspended and summoned for an inquiry!
While she is advised to talk to the power players concerned to take back the charges levied upon her, she opts to put her papers down in order to serve the people directly and in the capacity of a Government employee as she was accused of being anti-Government!

One of the best films of the times making the audience feel that they are witnessing a real life happening and not something on the reels!

Appropriate casting is another plus for the film which is further strengthened by the brilliant cinematography of Omprakash.

Ghibran may have scored for a couple of films for Kamal Hassan but he seems to have reserved his best for this, both in terms of BGM as well as the songs!

Sunu Lakshmi playing the mother of the kids is an excellent find and needs watching. Rams normally plays a henchman has been given a facelift here which has cashed in quite well!

Laws should be framed for the sake of the people and the people should not be made to fit into them!-a sample dialogue by the writer director, Gopi Nainar who has put his heart and soul into the making of this flick that stands out solidly!

No doubt, the film drives home a lot of thought provoking messages but it tends to sound preachy at places and melodramatic at times! Yet, the director’s objectivity is very evident and that makes it up well for everything else!

A well crafted film that takes a dig into the setbacks of our systems in an emotional manner!