Woman folks aren’t all that forthcoming when it comes to being forthcoming while disclosing details pertaining to problems that are especially private in nature! It is more a matter of delicacy and embarrassment as well!

Breast cancer is one particular as well as peculiar problem that most women detest to speak about even with lady doctors!

According to statistical evidences, the number of women afflicted by breast cancer is certainly on the rise!

The uncomfortable aspects that generally push women out of their comfort zones are lack of awareness, painful examination, risk of radiation from screening, breast exposure etc.

CURA Healthcare has just launched Illumini 360 degree, designed and developed in our own country, of course, with assistance from the Government of India.

Possibly, Illumina 360 degree is the first ever robotic, worldwide, 360 degree Breast Thermography System which facilitates early detection of breast anomalies!
This robot assisted 360 degree breast thermography device assists in detecting breast cancer for all age groups without causing pain due to compression, without non-ionizing radiation and without human touch!

Says M. Bala, President and CEO of CURA, ‘There is a steep raise in the number of cases in our country and about 280 million women in the country are at risk. Nearly 70% of the women come in late for treatment!’

He adds further, ‘This device uses an infra-red camera on a robotic arm to study the breast tissue from a moving angle of 360 degrees to detect any change in temperature in order to indicate abnormality, if any!’

According to N.Kannan, Head, New Product Development, the device uses a process that is painless, without the risk of radiation and with minimum exposure! Yet another advantage is that the process could be repeated any number of times!

‘Only the breast tissue is examined while the changes in temperature are recorded,’ points out Sandeep Jaipurkar, radiologist at Vijaya Health Centre and Breast Clinic who has been one of the key partners in the development of the device.

The device is expected to be priced at Rs. 30 lakhs with an accuracy level of 97%, it is inferred.    

CURA will collaborate with Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), Department of Biotechnology and the Government of India for a formal commercial launch, we hear.

‘The prime objective of launching Illumina 360 degrees is to usher in a new age in breast care so that no women in the country should be allowed to miss out on the potentially lifesaving benefits of regular breast screening!’ remarks Bala.
A unique solution from the sixth sense, it appears!