Rajasthan Association-Tamilnadu


Region based associations mostly cater to the needs and necessities of people belonging to or hailing from those regions; but the Rajasthan Association of Tamilnadu has a different tale to narrate!

The Golden Jubilee year celebrations as well as the installation of the new President of the Golden Jubilee Year pertaining to the period 2017-18 was recently held amidst a huge gathering of a  busload of people hailing from there but settled and surviving here both productively and peacefully for long!

The arrangements in connections with the celebrations were done on a truly professional basis without any hitches or glitches much to the satisfaction of those who were invited!

The installation ceremony was indeed a delightful event with the outgoing as well as the incoming Presidents expressing their mutual regard and respect for each other in a very fitting manner!

It is worth recollecting that the Tamilnadu edition of the Rajasthan Association was flagged off in 1967 by the then Chief Minister, late Sri. C.N.Annadurai.

Since long, the people of Rajasthan have settled here in the state of Tamilnadu. It is but an undisputable fact they are too well known for their charity work and philanthropy.

They are actively involved in running educational institutions, providing scholarships, providing health care running dharmashalas. They also come forward willingly to extend services to those in distress while being affected by natural calamities.

As a part of the ongoing Golden Jubilee Celebrations, the Association has planned very many special activities of significance with a view to provide relief to the needy!