One of the most promising actors amidst the new breed of heroes, Gautham Karthick is on an upswing as far as his career is concerned. Rangoon projected him as an action hero.

 ‘Indrajith’ that has been scripted and wielded by Kalaa Prabhu showcases Gautham Karthick in a full-fledged action role that has been made on a huge budget. As a matter of fact, this is Kalaa Prabhu 's second outing as a script writer and director. Sakkarakatti was his debut vehicle for which A. R. Rahman was the scorer.

Out of the many songs in the film, one song-Taxi, Taxi-proved a sensational hit standing out as a big chart buster! Produced by S. Thanu under his home banner, V Creations, the film boasts of some extraordinary visuals and some breathtaking action sequences shot in some excellent locales. K. P., the film's debutante composer has come up with some lilting tunes all of which are absolutely hummable.

While seasoned lyricist Pulamaipithan has penned the title song, the rest of the four songs have been compiled by Kabilan Vairamuthu. It is worth noting that K. P., the first time scorer has been a deputy of the well known composer, Devi Sri Prasad popular in both Tamil and Telugu films. Sudhanshu Pandey plays a baddie besides Ankur Singh who has made his Kollywood debut. M. S. Baskar plays a crucial role in the film.

Rasamathi, son of the well known lyricist Arivumathi, has cranked the camera canning some shots in some virgin locations. Stun Siva has choreographed some bone-splitting stunts in the film. As he had to go out of town, FEFSI Vijayan stepped in on behalf Siva and had choreographed some stunts. A particular chase sequence that was shot for three days near Pondicherry involved a cost of nearly Rs. 46 Lakhs. Almost Rs. 1.5 Lakhs was the remuneration given away for the stuntmen involved in the film!

 V. T. Vijayan and Ganesh Kumar have assumed responsibility for the film's editing. About the script in a line, Gautham Karthick, the film's protagonist, appears as the custodian of the country's natural resources.

 Sudhanshu utters a dialogue in a scene, ‘I am not Harrison Ford!’ which certainly bears testimony to the fact that this one is a Indiana Jones kind of films made by Steven Spielberg!

‘I am a tourist going about exploring the beauty of this place!’ Gautham shouts aloud in a scene when he is being shot at!

Such a statement also proves that he is in fact at that place on a spree of exploration.

The scenes and situations that force him to get involved in things that appear to go out of his control and how he takes up the challenge and how he gains control over the crisis situation and tides over problems is the crux of the plot!

Reportedly made at a cost of nearly Rs. 25 crores, the film has all the trappings to turn into a high-octane action film with scenes that showcase no holds barred action!

Gautham as well as Kalaa Prabhu are both destined to move on upwards in their careers as an actor and director respectively!

S.Thanu, the producer announced that each of the deputies of Kalaa Prabhu will be given opportunities to do films independently!

Indrajith is set to sizzle in the action arena!