R.R. Films, a film producing banner that is over 50 years old has backed the production of Maragadakaadu scripted and wielded by a debutante Managaleswaran! The film holds the unique distinction of having been shot fully against the backdrop of a dense forest!

The film’s cast consists of debutantes Ajay and Raanchana besides Eliyas Kathavan, Bava Lakshmanan, Ramachandran, J P Mohan and many others.

Remarks the filmmaker, ’Our film speaks about the destruction of forests for paving the way to expand the Civil area, true  life of tribal who depend on forest materials for their livelihood and belief of tribal in a responsible way!’

 He tells us further that there was no artificial lighting used while shooting and the entire movie was shot at Kerala, Tamil Nadu border forest area no plastic material was utilized and thus the film promotes the significance of Protection of Nature.  He is pretty confident that the camera angles will make everyone stare in awe and the film is a real feast for nature lovers.

 ‘Save Air Campaign time is approaching fast and you may have to shell out your hard earned money for breathing air!’

The hero comes to forest with his boss for mineral research and in due course falls in love with a tribal girl. His simple life gets twisted by the outcome of of research letting him realize the goal of his life! The story deliberates on tribal life in forests, their ways of living, minerals of forest and the exploitation of the same by private and government agencies!

Natchatra Prakash is the cinematographer while Jai Prakash is the scorer.