Produced by –Vishal Film Factory

Written and Wielded by-Mysskin

Cast-Vishal, Prasanna, Vinay, Bhagyaraj, Andrea, Anu Emmanuel, John Vijay, Shajji and others

Censor Rating- U/A

Running Time- 159 minutes


Mysskin who is a proclaimed fan of Sherlock Homes presents a detective story with Vishal as the detective in this well crafted thriller that holds a lot of surprise elements. Vishal’s characterization has been very stylishly conceived and crafted and he has put his best foot forward while trying to enact it as effective as possible!
Possibly, for the first time, a full length detective story has been showcased on the screen and the entire cast and crew needs to be lauded for their collaborative efforts in churning out a perfect thriller!

Like he did in ‘Nibunan’ alongside Arjun, Prasanna appears as a deputy and trusted aid of Vishal and they form a fine combo!

Andrea appears on the other side of the fence here as belonging to the group involved in illegal activities; probably, she signed this prior to signing Taramani in which her characterization had more of stuff and substance besides depth.

K.Bhagyaraj cuts a sorry figure in an insignificant role whileVincent Asokan and Simran impress in brief cameos. John Vijay is typecast yet again!

Vinay Roy who has acted in several films as the lead man plays the villain of the piece showing a lot of promise! The climax fight between the 2vs (Vishal and Vinay) is a fine segment of the film! Karthek, the cinematographer has captured the alluring beauty of Pichavaram Lake quite well. Possibly, this is the second film after M.G.R.’s ‘Idhayakani’ that has set the climax there, that too, in a riveting manner!

Anu Emmanuel as Vishal’s love interest has a brief but effective appearance in the film but why the director has made it so short lived, one is not able to figure out!

Arrol Corelli’s background score is pulsating and maintains the right kind of tempo throughout! Arun Kumar’s editing is sharp as the film is of a reasonably good length without giving a feeling of being overdrawn!

Kaniyan Pungundran (Vishal) is a private detective whose close companion is Mano (Prasanna), both of them being close friends too! Though he solicits clients, Kaniyan will not hesitate to turn down assignments if he doesn’t feel like accepting them! Similarly, he would waste no time in accepting assignments, if he feels that he can take it up! In other words, money is not his criterion!

On an occasion, he is approached by a small boy who asks him to trace the murderer of his pet dog in exchange of the pocket money his parents had given him!
Kaniyan takes up the case by intuition and as he proceeds, he stumbles upon a gang which is involved in several shady dealings!

As the case unfolds, Kaniyan opens up a cupboard full of skeletons, his skills of detection standing him in good stead!

There are of course, some loose ends but the film has more of pluses that more than compensate!

The further proceedings lead to an action packed climax, the film drawing to a close after poetic justice is proclaimed!