Produced by -2 D Entertainment

Scripted and Directed by-Bramma

Cast- Jyothika, Saranya Ponvannan, Oorvsai, Bhanupriya, Nasser, Pavel, Livingston and Madhavan

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-140 minutes


Jyothika who staged a comeback through ‘36 Vayadinile’ a while ago, in a character that suited her age and stature has returned to her good old days of a young girl who is not only a crusader of causes pertaining to women but also an activist who never would hesitate to ring in changes in the lives of people who have come to terms with their pathetic ways of living convincing themselves that it is their fate!

Bramma who created a flutter through his debut vehicle, ‘Kutram Kadithal’ has taken up a refreshing theme this time coming up triumphs in delivering a powerful film that showcases a thought provoking theme! Of course, some portions look contrived but the performance of the principal cast compensates duly.

 Manikandan S., deserves a pat on his back for his excellent camera work, especially the locales at Agra and Chhattisgarh have been canned aesthetically!

The background score of Ghibran is in tune with the mood of the film. The opening song deserves mention.

 While she was subdued in her return vehicle (36 Vayadinile), Jyothika is all vibrant and energetic in this and has executed herself quite admirably! Her costume designs warrant special mention.

The seniors- Saranya Ponvannan, Oorvasi and Bhanupriya have all established their respective credentials in a very effective manner! Cheers to all the three in equal measure!

Madhavan makes a surprise entry in a special cameo and it is a delight to watch Jyothika and Maddy as a pair!

Nasser has been under utilized without much of a scope for his role! Pavel as Bhanupriya’s elder son is adequate as an aspiring politician. But the scenes showing him locked up in the company of a lady officer and the philosophical overtones don’t jell and appear thrust in!

The director could have possibly avoided being preachy at places in the pretext of championing the cause of all married women, all of whom, at least, most of them being shown as being enslaved by their respective husbands! Relief comes in the closing portions where one person (Maddy) is being projected as a good human being, while a few others are shown undergoing a transformation! Anyway, it is a film on Women’s Liberation and hence has to like that, probably!

Prabhavathy (Jyothika) is a self made woman of substance who is a documentary filmmaker. Her mother-in-law (Kamatha) teaches little children and Prabha knows that she has some unfulfilled dreams.  

Though to Face Book, Prabha finds out the contact details of two of her friends-Subulakshmi (Saranya Ponvannan) and Rani Amirthakumari (Bhanupriya), both of whom almost serve as slaves in their respective households!

Prabha chalks out an outing for all the three of whom, of course, she only drives them around!

How they enjoy their trip which eventually paves way for some relief at their homes is the fun filled rest!

The plausibility of the plot is debatable but the objectivity of the filmmaker seems genuine enough, hence, watch worthy, this flick is!