Produced by -Wunderbar Films Pvt. Ltd.

Screenplay and Direction-Soundarya Rajnikanth

Story and Dialogue-Dhanush

Cast-Dhanush, Kajol, Amala Paul, Samudrakani, Vivekh, Ritu Varma and Saranya Ponvannan

Running Time-129 minutes

Censor Rating-U


Starting off from the previous film, ‘Vellaiyilla Pattadhari’ ended this sequel showcases a fresh tale but against the same backdrop and characters as well, the crux of which revolves around the clash between a self made, self-styled, powerful business tycoon who runs the biggest construction company in the South and an engineer who would never ever compromise on principles and ethics even when it means losing business!

After Rajiv Menon’s ‘Minsara Kanavu’, Kajol makes an appearance in a Tamil film again through this venture and her character has been sketched and presented very meticulously, giving much prominence most of the time! It would only be fair to say that she has done a neat job right through, standing out as an embodiment of arrogance and authoritativeness! Her costume styling too deserves special mention, due credit need to the given to the director as well as the costume designer! Even towards the climax when she almost loses to the protagonist, the director has ensured that Kajol’s character is not brought down in humiliation! The closing scene may lack the much needed fizz that usually such sequences showcase but given the fact that Kajol is playing that character, it has been mounted in such a manner that her dignity and pride are not at loss and both the clashing titans acknowledge each other’s capability and capacity and that’s exactly where the proceedings are made to draw o a close! In the customary cinematic parlance, it is a happy ending, out and out but certainly lacks in logic at places!

It is mostly a Dhanush film all the way excepting those few sequences where Kajol carries the scenes on her shoulders and the Nation award winning actor has come up triumphs in his portrayal as an engineer with a lot of dreams but also as a person who is a stickler to business ethics and discipline! Of course, there are too many scenes that project him as a character that is larger than life, maybe with a view to please his fan base! He looks vibrant and has put up a vibrant show.

The characters from the previous film, Amala Paul, Samudrakani, Vivekh etc find space in this sequel but it just happens to be an exercise in fill up the blanks with a view to complete a comprehensive family portrait!

Even the antics of Vivekh fail to generate the much needed impact!
Dhanush’s ability as a dialogue writer faces yet another face lift here! Sample this-A mother’s upbringing of her son is reflected through the manner he treats his wife! Yet another-Without enemies in life, it becomes an exercise in boredom; enemies come and go and it is a part of the process of growing up! You can steal away my business and clients; but you cannot steal the happiness with which I lead my life-one more to taste! Kudos to Dhanush!

Dhanush is Raghuvaran an engineer by profession who holds the precedence of having utilized the services of hundreds of other unemployed engineers successfully on a construction projects gets noticed by Vasundra (Kajol), a bigwig in the construction industry who tries to lure him to her side but in vain. The clash starts right then as Raghu is not for it! She tries her best to reduce him to a pulp professionally and emotionally. How he weathers all the tough storms and hold on to his fortress is the rest narrated in an entertaining manner!

SameerThahir’s cinematography is noteworthy. Sean Roldan’s tunes pass muster but it is the signature tune of Anirudh Ravichander that stands out tall! 

An engaging commercial potboiler that entertains you most of the time!