Produced by-Moon Pictures

Written and Directed by –Mujibur Rahman

Cast-Durai Sudakar, Dona, Kovai Jayakumar, Penamani, Thulasi, Prof. Lakshmi, Ruby, Pollachi M.K.Raja

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-118 minutes


Given the situation that films backed by big production houses featuring big heroes aren’t all that good both content and performance-wise, here is a small budget film with a less known cast that showcases a theme that communicates a good message! The film may not have rich production values; neither the performances are gripping but there is a genuine conviction with which the filmmaker has gone about the narration which leaves behind a feeling of satisfaction of having seen a film that drives home a message about the ills of unnecessary suspicion and to extent to which it can ruin a family!

Palani Balu’s music and Rajan’s cinematography run parallel in the film facilitating the filmmaker to unfold the narration smoothly. Possibly, the only sore point of the film is its comedy track most of which has been woven around toddy shops.

Set against a rural backdrop, the theme revolves around the life of a rustic youth who plays music at funerals! His sister’s daughter is a suitor to his hand. The son of the village head is a rogue with a weakness for women. On an occasion, he tries to misbehave with the heroine who puts him in place!

Not before long, the lead pair gets married and starts leading a life of content. Accidentally, the hero gets to hear the villain says that he has had a illicit relationship with the hero’s wife who is now carrying.

An enraged hero disowns her and even blames the heroine’s mother who is none other his sister, stating that he has been cheated! Soon, the heroine’s mother too dies! Unable to bear the fact that her husband doesn’t believe in her chastity, she chooses the easy way out!

A chance declaration by the villain makes the hero see reason but it is a shade too late! She dies and on realizing his folly, the hero falls into the funeral pyre!
Though the film ends on a sad note, it leaves a message behind!

A laudable attempt that is reasonably good!