Produced by- Catamaran Productions

Scripted and Wielded by-Ram

Cast-Andrea Jeremiah, Vasanth Ravi, Anjali, Azhagam PerumalAdrian Knight Jesley Nivas Adithan and JSK

Censor Rating-A

Running time-150 minutes


Conceptualizing a script is a task that could prove very different when it comes to translating the same on the silver screen! Director Ram the maker of discerning films as ‘Katradhu Thamizh’ and ‘Thanga Meengal’ has come up with an unusually script and has spared no effort to present it on the screen the way in which he had conceived and crafted it as a draft in his mind, without any compromises, commercially as well! Kudos to him for that!

Primarily, the theme is set around two people who are poles apart in their beliefs and outlook but end up becoming man and wife! Needless to mention both of them have their unpleasant past lives respectively. While the man is a free bird, the lady is a mother who has a little son to fend for!

The differences that surface when they start living together accounts for the main part of the narration; while she is a free willed and spirited young mother always sure of herself and her decisions, he is a bit too conservative, orthodox and old-fashioned as well besides being very possessively interfering! The clashes that emerge time and again between these two while the little boy looks on with shock happens to be the crux of the plot that ends up on realization of realities for both of them!

The title stands to denote the IT hub of the same name with the metro train serving as a strong character in addition to the two principal characters! Ram deserves a pat on his back for having brought in Andrea Jeremiah as the female protagonist who has virtually lived the role. Her expressive eyes and body language generate the much needed impact that is expected of that character that she appears in and she has really come up with flying colors! She is very spontaneous as well as uninhibitedly natural, both of which are mandatory traits for that character! One of her career best roles for Andrea so far about which she can certainly be proud of!

Vasanth Ravi is good most of the time and proves that he is really a worthy choice shortlisted to play the part but his long drawn beard has a negative bearing at times. Anyway, the little boy accepts him as his dad and that is what really matters, as far as the film is concerned!

The others in the cast, especially the little boy, played by Adrian Knight Jesly, is also an apt choice just like Azhagam Perumal (a former deputy of Manirathnam, who is seen more of an actor these days!) and of course, Anjali, whose presence in the film is very limited but still manages to make a mark! J Sathish of JSK Film Corporation has also made a cameo appearance in the film.

Ram has tried to make a lot of statements using the voice-over technique thereby driving home several points to ponder over! To quote, how did they manage to bring up so many high-rise buildings in and around Taramani, supposedly a lake area; the effects of demonetization, globalization etc. when CBFC (Censor Board of Film Certification) can slice in denoting the evils of smoking, drinking etc at the start and middle of movies, why can’t I point out things that are worth thinking about in the middle of sequences in my movie-asks Ram!

Ram’s dialogue too deserves special mention-‘you are a mother; why do you smoke, asks the male, addressing the female; you smoke too; aren’t you too son of a mother? She retards! Andrea’s character has been built not only as a strong headed one but a level headed one at that too! Hers is a character that certainly brings back memories from the women-centric films and the character of the female protagonists in K.Balachander’s films of the earlier times! Ram certainly deserves to be applauded; Andrea too for her boldness in having come forward to take up such a character!
Prabhunath (Vasanth Ravi) is a jobless youth who is just nursing a love failure as his lover Soumya (Anjali)had bid him a bye looking out for greener pastures, of course, for her own justifiable reasons. He chances to meet Althea Johnson (Andrea Jeremiah) living with her little son, Adrian (Adrian Knight Jesly), employed in the HR department of an IT company. Prabhu and Althea decide to live under one roof after sharing their respective woes with one another.  How matters draw to a close after coursing through tough storms is the adventurous rest.

Theni Eswar’s camera work and Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music help to keep up the film’s momentum.

A thought provoking movie that showcases contemporary trends.