Produced by-Shreya Sri Movies

Scripted and Wielded by- Nithilan

Cast-Vidhaarth, Delna Davis, P.L.Thenappan, Kumaravel, Kanja Karuppu, Balasing, Krishnamoorthy and director Bharathiraja

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-108 minutes

Here is a small budget film, the making and execution of which passes on a few lessons even to established filmmakers most of whom had come up with mediocre stuff in the recent times! Well crafted, well presented film that ends on a gripping note driving whom a message or two to all those wrong doers who fear of nothing!

Vidhaarth seems to have mastered the knack of choosing scripts and characters that showcase his talents in a very down to earth manner! He is natural as well as spontaneous and his performance deserves praise.

Delna Davis is good but her character has not offered her much scope. Producer P.L.Thenappan has turned an actor, that too as a person operating on the other side of the Law but there is nothing much to write home about regarding his performance!

Kumaravel who is usually seen in films mostly made by Radha Mohan has been offered a very good character and he has made the best use of the opportunity! He has virtually lived the character that he has taken up for portrayal! Krishnamoorthy who appears as a man caught between his family and a thug involved in stolen stuff is impressive.
Bharathiraja is usually credited for acting to his cast which would eventually establish his credentials as a good actor. Here, he has proved that beyond any doubt in the role of the hero’s father!

Abhinav Sundar Naik’s editing is indeed a fine point of the film as like the film’s cinematography, deftly handled by N.S.Udayakumar. Ajaneesh Loknath’s background score deserves mention. Madonne Ashwin’s dialogue sizzles at crucial moments!

Bharathiraja is on the lookout for a suitable hand for his son (Vidhaarth) and they go to see a girl (Delna Davis). But her dad (Balasing) ridicules Bharathiraja at the instance of his close friend (P.L.Thenappan) who doesn’t have a good reputation. Hence the meeting of both the families fails to do the needful!

Meanwhile, Thenappan deputes Bharathiraja on an assignment-he is asked to carry a stolen idol of Lord Nataraja to be handed over to a person (Kumaravel) who, with a view to double cross Thenappan, kills Bharathiraja in order to enjoy the outcome all by himself! But fate has something else in store for him in the form of Vidhaarth who delivers a different kind of verdict!

Of course, the screenplay lacks in logic at many places and also the police department has not been given a role play at the proceedings excepting for a scene at a police station, initially!

Setbacks apart, a good attempt that is bold enough too!