Produced-Aathi Lakshmi Films

Written and Wielded by- Veludoss Gnanasampantham

Cast- Shathish Raavan, Delna Davis, Ranjith and Power Star Srinivasan

Censor Rating- A

Running Time-142 minutes


‘Those who live by the sword, die by it!’ –this is an old adage basing upon which very many films have been made so far! A few of which were good enough while the rest had failed to make the grade! It is rather intriguing to see a newcomer dishing out a tale on that premise, many scenes and sequences of which give the audience a feel of déjà vu, making the audience stifle a yarn time and again!

The casting could have been better as at many places the members of the main cast appear to be lacking in expressions, the protagonist included! Having said that it would just be fair to point out that Sathish Raavan playing the lead role has come up with an inhibited performance and with a little more of effort and practice he can try and get through!

There isn’t much of a scope for Delna Davis playing the innocent girl who holds the torch for the protagonist right from the very beginning!

Ranjith makes an appearance after a long exile, assumedly self-imposed but his character has not been created with care as it obviously appears to lack in depth!
Power Star Srinivasan makes a cameo appearance as a jail bird. Though he appears only in a frame or two, he still manages to bring out a grin!

Srikanth Deva has been very effective in his background score but the same could not be said of his songs! G.A.Sivasundar, the cinematographer has captured the nuances of North Madras in an impressive manner!

Sathish Raavan who has been brought up in the slums is a perfect match for his mom who is involved in matters that cannot be termed exactly as being legal! At one point, the son outshines the mother and gets into the thick of things most of which are illegal! He turns a hired hoodlum who, in the company of his friends, all of them thugs like him, wouldn’t hesitate to do anything if it fetches money! Amidst all these, he manages to have fun with a local girl, Jaya (Delna Davis) who is madly in love with him! Needless to mention, he exploits her too!

Absolutely no strings attached, he goes about his tasks in a very crude and violent manner (the film most rightly and appropriately carries an ‘A‘tag!).
At one point, he turns against the bigwig for who he was rendering services till then and even kills him!

Before he and his gang get encountered by the police, a flashback of his school days is dished out which shows him as a studious boy wanting to study while his Mom and prevented him from doing, drawing him into her world!

There is another parallel tale about a boy who secretly plans to wreck vengeance on the hero for a valid reason! These portions stick out like a sore thumb!

A violent tale talking about the transformation of a youth but a bit too late in the day!

One can only hope that films made on North Madras are projected in better light, at least in a different light, though!