Thiri Movie Review

Produced by- Sea Shore Gold Production

Written and Wielded by S. Ashok Amirthraj
Cast-Aswin, Swathi, Jayaprakash, A.L.Azhagappan, Karunakaran, Senrayan, Daniel, Anupama Kumar and others
Censor Rating-U
Running Time- 150 minutes

Films that convey social messages do not usually find the favor of the film goers as those of whom who come in watch films do not favor such flavors! Newcomer Ashok Amirthraj seems to be fully aware of this fact and hence he has tactfully sliced in masala ingredients in abundant measure while trying to drive home a message or two about the need to bring in reforms in the field of education! With the existing trend of very many private players running professional educational institutions in large numbers most of which stand and serve as money generating machines rather than venturing to impart education to the student community!

The film raises several pertinent questions that are very relevant in the contemporary context wherein several private players running professional institutions issue out applications for courses that are not available in their institutions while collecting application money exorbitantly! Finally, most of those who have applied for such courses that are virtually nonexistent in those institutions conclude that seats have been allotted to those who have scored better and hence they were not short listed for those courses as they had failed to qualify in the cut off marks criteria!

With such a theme to boot, the fresh filmmaker has ample scope to dish out a daring tale that sketches the plight and predicament of the student community as well as their respective parents but unfortunately, he has failed to come up with an effective screenplay owing to which the film suffers a setback at many places; also, many a time, the scenes break into song sequences all too very sudden giving the audience a feeling of watching a Telugu potboiler!

Performances wise, Aswin looks good but one would expect a little more of spark from him given the intensity of his characterization. Jayaprakash who plays his father is so natural enacting the character with aplomb! Every son or a daughter would certainly deem it a privilege to have such an understanding person as their dad! Though she has no big scope, Anupama Kumar manages to make her presence felt in an effective manner! The same cannot be said of Swetha who plays the film’s leading lady. Neither there is scope for her to parade her acting skills nor any initiative from her A.L.Azhagappan as the scheming politician cuts a sorry figure and his monotonous acting style begins to irritate after a point! Karunakaran and Daniel as the friends of the hero have nothing much to do in the proceedings especially the latter who has been shaping up well by his portrayal in a couple of recent releases!

K.G.Venkatesh has canned the crucial portions admirably but S.P.Rajasethupathi should have been a little stricter on the editing table as the film would have been much more effective with some tight editing!

Jeeva (Ashwin), a student of a professional course inadvertently rubs the son of the institution’s owner, Angannan (A. L. Azhagappan) who is a seasoned politician and hence gets into trouble! As he tries to defend himself in an aggressive manner, they offend him further pushing him further and further! But the final verdict that punishes both the father and son comes from an unexpected side, relieving Jeeva of all his troubles!

The objectivity of the filmmaker certainly deserves to be complimented! But the execution could have been better!