Rubaai Movie Review

Produced by-God Pictures
Scripted and Directed by-Anbazhagan
Cast-Chandran, Anandhi, Chinni Jayanth, Harish Uthaman, Kishore Ravichandran and others
Censor Rating-U
Running Time-119 minutes

The lead pair of Prabhu Solomon’s (he is the producer here), ‘Kayal’,-Chandran and Anandhi -have collaborated successfully again in this engaging flick that has been wielded by Anbazhagan.
The film drives home a definite message but the director has nowhere tried to be preachy which eventually, is the USP of this film that looks good for the most part!
What a seasoned performer Chinni Jayanth is! Having debuted through J.Mahendran’s ‘Kai Kodukkum Kai’, Jayanth has been a part of some good projects. Well, here is yet another! A good comeback for the actor after a brief exile!

Harish Uthaman who was seen in some good roles in films as ‘Thodari’, ‘Rekka’ etc in the recent times, plays the conventional baddie here and is very convincing in his portrayal.

Bharani (Chandran) and Babu (Kishore, debut) run a small time lorry business and are quite content at that!  Kungumaraja (Chinni Jayanth) and his daughter Ponni (Anandhi) are moving in to a new residence and eventually seek the service of Bharani and Babu. For Bharani, it is love at the first sight as far Ponni is concerned and she reciprocates his feelings!

Manisharma (Harish Uthaman) is a ruthless criminal who plots to rob a bank, executes it effectively but while returning, he gets into a crisis situation as the police have already been alerted. Hence, he places the loot in the lorry belonging to Bharani and Babu!
When the friends realize that they in possession of a huge sum of money, they turn cheerful as they know that there still be a lot of money left with them even after paying off their debts!

But Manisharma tracks their whereabouts and sets out in search of them!
The climax portions have been well planned and executed but could have been presented better!

D.Imman’s background score adds pep to the proceedings.

Certainly, ‘paisa vasool’ for the producer as the film as a whole is adequately gripping!