Pandigai Movie Review

Produced by Tea Time Talks

Scripted and Directed by-Feroz
Cast- Krishna, Anandhi, Saravanan, Nitin Sathya, Karunas, Black Pandi, Madusudanan, Aruldas and Shanmugharajan
Censor Rating-U/A
Running Time-150 minutes

Remember Jean Claude Van Damme’s ‘Bloodsport’ released years earlier that deliberated on private fights organized by affluent private parties at private places? This too, scripted and directed by Feroz, a rank newcomer, showcases a similar theme but from a desi perspective! From one angle, it could be construed as a street fight with fights organized by bookies who are involved in match fixing! When they are not involved in fixing the fate of cricket matches during off seasons, they are very active in organizing such fights betting huge amounts on the heads of those who fight!

Though the film carries a U/A tag, there are one too many fights leading to bloodshed and grievous injuries but as there is no intention to glorify them but only to depict them as a part of the script, the tag seems apt!

Indeed it is a milestone film for Krishna who has come up with a career best performance after ‘Kazhugu’ and this one should lift up his career graph to the next level! Anandhi as his love interest is adequate but unfortunately the script hasn’t offered her adequate space to impress the audience by her performance!

Nithin Sathya has been cast in a very minor yet effective role and he has come up with a good show. Madusudhanan as the menacing villain creates a good impact while playing a baddie! The cinematographer turned actor Aruldas is yet another villain of the piece who has managed to make his presence felt. The former hero turned character actor, Saravanan scores well in an important role that offers a twist to the life of the hero. Black Pandi as the hero’s aid aids well though he is irritating at places!

The fight sequences in the fighting arena have been choreographed quite well. The duo Anbu and Ariva making cameo appearance in the closing portions create a flutter.  Arvi’s   camera work and Prabhakar’s swift editing have added pep to the proceedings.
Velu (Krishna) who works in a star hotel looks for a break and is always accompanied by his close friend, Thirupathi (Black Pandi). A chance meeting with a petty businessman, Muni Sekar (Saravanan) turns Velu’s life totally following which he is led into a different world. To earn a quick buck the easy way he decides to subject himself into hard ways by turning a fighter!

As betting is involved in those fights either winning or losing would fetch him money depending upon the need of the situation! Muni Sekar gets Velu involved in that world of ‘blood sport’, which in one way is a one way path! It even distances him from romancing with Kaviya (Anandhi) , his lover! 

At point, on realizing that the gang leader, Natwar Dada (Madusudhanan) has double crossed him, Muni Sekar decides to rob from Dada and hence seeks the help of Velu again. At the instance of Mundiri Settu (Nithin Sathya), a trusted deputy of Dada, a plan is hatched. As Mundiri Settu too was duped by Dada, he joins Muni and offers to help them in their endeavor!

Half way through the heist, things go haywire but Velu manages to swim back to surface and walks himself out of the crisis situation but not before stealing the money!
How things get sorted out and how those will dubious intentions get punished is the fairly interesting rest!

A reasonably good show, indeed!