Produced by-Passion Film Factory

Directed by-Arun Vaidyanathan

Cast-Arjun, Sruthi Hariharan, Prasanna, Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar and Vaibhav besides Suhasini and Suman

Censor Rating-U/A

Rating- ***

Arun Vaidyanathan who had made ‘Achamundu Achamundu’ years earlier that was about child abuse has come up with a breathtaking cop thriller with Action-King Arjun as the investigating cop. It is significant to note that this is Arjun’s 150th film since his debut through ‘Nandri’ way back in 1984 and it has been 3 decades since! Still, he looks as fit as a fiddle and is in his elements in the action sequences! For that matter, the young upcoming actor who plays the villain of the piece evidently struggles in the fight sequence in the climax to match steps with the Action-King!

The most striking feature of the film next to the presence and performance of Arjun is the manner in which the actual identity of the villain has been kept under tight wraps till the final showdown! Good scripting indeed and the credit should go to Arun Vaidyanathan!

Sruthi Hariharan appearing as Arjun’s wife looks good; so is her portrayal.  Prasanna is always a director’s actor and has executed himself well as Arjun’s team member. Though she looks tomboyish, Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar is subdued for most of the part but has managed to make her presence felt!

S.Navin’s music is a fine point of this flick that begins with a bang. The momentum with which the film starts is maintained in tact till the closing frames. Arvind Krishna’s camera work is swift.  

Ranjith Kalidass (Arjun) is a DSP belonging to the Criminal Investigation Department whose teammates are Joseph (Prasanna) and Vandana (Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar). Shilpa (Sruthi Hariharan ), Ranjith’s wife is a painter. Sandeep (Vaibhav) is Ranjith’s younger brother whose character serves no big purpose in the film. The same could almost be said of Suhasini who seems to been wasted in an insignificant role!

3 murders take place in quick succession with the smart killer posing a challenge to the department by giving clues with each murder! Going by the pattern, Ranjith realizes that he is going to be the fourth ‘victim’.

Meanwhile, he is also being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease!

How he manages to unmask and settle scores with the killer despite his health issue that looms large is the interesting rest!

The suspense elements in the film have been well kept up!

A well made thriller that could prove a good watch for those who care for thrillers of this sort!

An Arjun’s film, out and out!