Produced by- Avni Movies

Story, Screenplay, Dialogue, Lyrics, Music and Direction-Hiphop Thamizha

Cast-Aadhi (Hiphop Thamizha), Aathmika, Malavika and Vivekh besides many others

Running Time-136 minutes

Censor Rating-U


Aadhi alias Hiphop Thamizha who has already carved a niche for himself as a music composer with a couple of good numbers to his credit through a couple of films takes on more than 6 portfolios and it would only be fair to state that he has emerged reasonably successful in all the departments by and large. He is also natural as the lead man as he has been able to carry himself well decently!

He plays Aadhithya who is very passionate about carving a niche for himself in the music industry while hid doting dad (Vivekh) has big plans for him! While at college, Aadhithya falls in love in the usual conventional and customary style but gets into a crisis as he runs the risk of almost losing his love owing to the force of the circumstances!

Set against the backdrop of the city of Coimbatore, the film is a walk down the memory lane for the writer director as he has narrated his own life blending it all with some fictionalized episodes!

The screenplay sketches the plight of a youngster who has a definite agenda in life but is forced to go through a wide range of troubles and difficulties that only make him stronger and determined!

Vivekh is in his best elements here coming up with quirky remarks time and again while driving home some messages too as a sugar coated pill!

Aadhithya (Aadhi) and his close friend Vigneshkanth (Gajaraj) join an engineering college and to their surprise, Nila (Aathmika) and Manisha (Malavika) both of whom are pursued by the former two join the same college! While the first year hurries past, the second year helps Aadhithya to settle down better and gives him scope to pursue his passion too! Meanwhile, Nila reciprocates his feelings and all appear well. Soon, problems spring up and the lovers are torn apart!

As life at college comes to a close, Aadhithya feels that he is tailing behind both in his love and passion to become a musician!

How things shape up finally is the fairly interesting rest. The film is enjoyable for the most part. Most of those in the film’s cast are all new to the big screen which eventually makes their presence and performance punctuated with spontaneity! Many You-Tube stars have been cast in and hence the film carries a natural flavor right through!
Though the film’s central theme deliberates on the strong emotions between a father and his son, it also discusses the problems faced by the son both in his professional as well as romantic pursuits! It also drives home the point that it is rather difficult for a middle class person to follow and accomplish his dreams!

Though the film is autobiographical in one way as far as Aadhi is concerned, the fictionalized portions add enough pep to the proceedings!

The film is a well made campus entertainer that would certainly appeal to the younger generation as there are one too many scenes which they are certain to lap up with both the hands!  

A couple of songs belong to the hit variety, credit to Aadhi again who needs to be commended for all his good work despite his young age!