Produced by-Dream Warrior Pictures

Scripted and Directed by-T.J.Gnanavel

Cast-Ashok Selvan, Priya Anand, Nasser, Samudrakani, Bala Saravanan, John Vijay, Marimuthu, Sanjay Bharathi etc.

Censor Rating- U

Running Time-120 minutes


Ashok Selvan who has had a reasonably good innings so far through some successful outings as Soodhu Kavvum’, ‘Thegadi’ and ‘Pizza-2: Villa’ and not so successful films as ‘Savale Samali’ and ‘144’, has undergone a total transformation in this, playing an average student for whom mostly everything goes wrong in life right from his academics to his personal life, his love life included! Both the front benchers and the last benchers catch the attention of all those around for reasons that are opposite! But those who occupy the middle benches are the ones who fail to draw the attention of those around and as far as the others around are concerned, the middle benchers are almost non-existent! Journalist turned filmmaker Gnanavel has taken up the cause of one such unlucky middle bencher, enacted with a lot of understanding by Ashok Selvan.

Regardless of the commercial angle, this film is certainly a milestone film for Ashok Selvan who has come up with an impressive performance in the character of a simpleton! Priya Anand’s characterization deserves special mention. She plays a topper, high on her achievements. Her performance too deserves mention!

Bala Saravanan has been cast in an appropriate role and he has made the best out of that opportunity! His smart and sharp one-liners bear testimony to his talent as a growing comedian that too as a formidable force!

Both Samudrakani and John Vijay have been typecast in roles that give the feeling of already seen before kind of feel! Yet, Samudrakani manages to make his mark while John Vijay’s performance just appears pedestrian!

Arvind (Ashok Selvan) is the middle one in that family (middle one, here too!) and is just an average guy in all counts and is constantly being pulled by his dad (Marimuthu) who expects much more from his middle son while his first and last are a lot more successful!

Arvind is behind Janani (Priya Anand) a high achiever who studies in the same class but the point is she is not even aware of his presence! At one point, Arvind manages to get acquainted with Janani thanks to the efforts to a don (Samudrakani) as Arvind had saved his son from drowning! As a matter of fact, it was not an intentional act as Arvind had entered the waters only with a view to end his life! The don’s initiates to get them together takes a nasty turn as Janani inadvertently gets involved in an accident masterminded by the don for a different reason! How the issue gets sorted out is the fairly engaging rest!

The subplot that sketches the war between a corrupt cop and the don does not really hold much of a relevance to the main plot but yet doesn’t exactly mar the narration!
Nivas K. Prasanna’s music is a noteworthy feature of the film.

Are middle benchers unlucky to this extent in real life as depicted in this film is the question that looms large in the mind as one walks out after watching this!