A Self Made Star from the START!

Right from the start of her colorful career at Bollywood, Kajol, daughter of the yesteryear star, Tanuja, has always been a self-made, independent person who has always been able to make her presence on the screen regardless of who her male co-star is! May it be King Khan or Big B, Kajol has won her acclaims purely on the merit of her performance on her own grounds and conditions, at her own space!

Indeed it has been a very long time since she had made her appearance in a Tamil film! Rajeev Menon’s ‘Minsara Kanavu’ released in 1997 was her debut vehicle in Tamil and dancing star Prabhu Deva was her co-star in that! If the rumor mills are to be believed, she was to act in a Mnirathnam film but it never happened so far!

After a long gap, Kajol has made a dramatic entry through VIP-2 (2ND part of the Dhanush starrer, Vellaiyilla Pattadhari that proved a smash hit at the box-office) in which she has played a role with grey!

Kajol doesn’t choose to subscribe to the fact that her character in the film has negative shades. ‘It is about the clash f two individuals hailing from different backgrounds holding different ideologies that are diametrically different!’ says she as she adds, ‘I play Vasundra Parameshwar who is a self-made woman. It was very much like my own self and hence I could do the role with a lot of understanding!’

We hear, of course, on a lighter vein that Dhanush and Soundarya (who has directed the film) met her for narrating the script and her character in the film telling her that her spoken words will be very minimal and that more of English words will be used! ‘But later I realized that it was all a lie and that there were too many words in Tamil that she had to utter; all the same, they both helped me to deliver them and at the end I was surprised to realize that I had done justice to the language!’

How does he choose her characters?

‘Every character that I play needs to have a certain something inside me that I can identify with! As a matter of fact, I have said no to roles with which I wasn’t able to relate a bit!’

Kajol stills relishes and cherishes the memories of shooting song sequences for the film, ‘Minsara Kanavu’ which she feels as one of the best choreographed scenes ever. She also compliments A.R.Rahman for his absorbing work in that film!

Kajol is full of praises for Dhanush who in her opinion is a fine actor. ‘He is very natural ad spontaneous and we improvised a lot during our scenes of combination were shot!’

It is Soundarya’s second film and according to Kajol, she is very effective and efficient as well!

‘She is very talented and knows exactly what she wants from her cast. She plans it all so well and goes about the task of execution in a disciplined manner!’ says Kajol about Soundarya. 

Kajol feels that the industry has drastically changed and is currently functioning in a typical corporate style. ‘It has become more of a joint effort these days and hence there is no question of a few individuals taking credit for it all!’ she remarks!

Kajol tells us that she is open to doing films in Tamil provided the script is right and of course, the team too matters for her! Presently, she is busy with a project in Hindi being made under her home banner.