Not all debutante filmmakers aspire to get started with commercially viable ventures! A case in point is the forthcoming film, 'Nedunalvaadai', scripted and directed by Selvakannan whose sole objective was to churn out a film that creates an impact emotionally!

Many a filmmaker has come up with flicks the theme of which revolved around the relationship between a dad and a son/daughter or a mom and her son/daughter!

But this first time filmmaker was particular about dishing out a tale that dealt with the impact-filled relationship between a grandfather and his grandson!

Set  against the backdrop of the soil of Thirunelveli, the film has been produced by the filmmaker and his 50 friends from college!

Touted to be film that focuses on human emotions, the film is certain to be a trendsetter in the sense that it showcases the town of Thirunelveli from a different perspective while most of the films so far made on that soil have deliberated on the violence there!

'Poo' Ramu plays the 70 year old grandson in the film!

The film would go good rounds in Film Festivals and is certain to bag awards at the National level, sources state!