Bhairavaa Movie Review

Produced by: Vijaya Productions
Scripted and Wielded by: Bharathan
Cast: Vijay, Keerthi Suresh, Danil Balaji, Sathish, Jagapathi Babu, Aparna Vinod, Thambi Ramiah and others
Censor Rating: U
Running Time: 168 minutes
Rating: ***
One of the most awaited movies since the time it was launched last year, ‘Bhairavaa’ has been produced by a banner that made ‘Enga Vittu Pillai’ with the late matinee idol, M.G.R., whose 100th birthday year this is, as well as the Kamal Hassan starrer, ‘Nammavar’ and of course, ‘Uzhaipalli’ that featured super star Rajnikanth.
With a view to make a mass movie with Vijay in the lead, Bharathan has packed the screenplay with a lot of masala ingredients laced with romance, humor and of course, social messages punctuating it all further with some punch-lines but what has happened is that the film’s pace has been set on a leisurely mode as an outcome of which the pace of the narration gets discounted depriving the audience, especially the hardcore fans of Vijay of mass moments that would have otherwise made the film a complete entertainer.
It is a character that Vijay would have performed casually in his sleep and hence he has just gone about the role with his usual customary ease! Keerthi Suresh, the latest heartthrob of Kollywood has been paired up with ‘Ilaya Thalapathi’ for the first time and it appears that it may take a couple of movies more to strike at that so called onscreen chemistry! Sathish, playing his sidekick is adequate. Daniel Balaji is certainly capable of delivering better and it is a case of under utilization of talent! Jagapathi Babu from Tollywood is good but his character has not been fashioned powerful enough!  
The film gets kick started showcasing Vijay as Bhairavaa, a loan recovery agent, who after falling in love with Malarvizhi (Keerthi Suresh), changes his course of life as a crusader waging a battle against some biggies running educational institutions in a fanciful manner at the instance of his lover who had rubbed them on the wrong side!
With henchmen behind her back, Malar has to run for cover to safeguard herself but with Bhairavaa turning out to be her lover, she is safe and the rest of the plot is on predictable lines with the protagonist batting for the sake of his sweetheart!
PK (Jagapathi Babu) is a butcher cum rowdy turned educationalist who runs educational institutions that are being used as a breeding ground for squeezing money out of the students. Earlier, to champion the cause of her friend’s death, Malar had dragged PK to the court and had inadvertently triggered off a cat and mouse game with PK’S thugs chasing her.
The action blocks of the film have been choreographed and executed in a breathtaking manner, needless to mention, much to the cheers of Vijay’s fans!
The equation between the hero and the villain does not appear to have been laid out properly and hence the narration suffers much because the latter doesn’t do much to scare the hero excepting for a formal build-up!
Sathish serves no big purpose in the proceedings but manages to amble along!
Santhosh Narayanan’s music doesn’t seem to stand out as a value addition to the movie, excepting for the theme song. Barring that, the songs fail to pass muster!
The film’s length is another tiring factor and the editor need have been so liberal while trying to retain all that was shot!
A masala movie that could have been better with little more of seasoning!