‘Architecture is nothing but a frozen painting’- so goes a saying from the ancient times. In tune with the trend of the contemporary times, several corporate giants are out in the field, landscaping properties, far and wide with a view to cater to the needs of the affluent and the elite whose hunt for properties does not necessarily end up with stumbling upon apartment complexes and villas. Landscaping is no more the buzz word as far as the aspect of property development is concerned, especially in the contemporary sense. Waterscaping seems to be in thing of the times as evidenced by the ongoing property development at ECR, Chennai, the project conceived and crafted, devised and designed by Raj Waterscape Properties Pvt. Ltd.

‘Raj Waterscape’ is indeed a new way to live the old life, remarks a veteran from the construction industry who has been around in the business for decades together!

Hailed as the ‘Buckingham Gardens’, the prestigious project is currently underway on the East Coast Road at a distance of about 20 kms., from the heart of Chennai. We learn that this ambitious gated community project would contribute towards reflecting the changing life styles of urban India and the profile of the clientele would be ‘who is who’ from the city as well as from other parts of the country.

It is known that this project is very different from others as it has the lowest FSI area of 0.33, possibly the largest common area of undivided share and by way of uniqueness, it is an earnest attempt to straddle between both the worlds of the new and the old punctuated further by some never seen before kind of facilities and amenities that stand out to ring in new standards of luxurious living!

How does Waterscaping come into the scene of action, then! Eventually, the enviable project boasts of a luxury boat earmarked exclusively for the exclusive use of the residents! Throwing open unlimited options of getaway entertainment not only at the week ends but also during week days, the USPs include wind power infrastructure, a garden café, and an art gallery besides world class air-conditioning solutions!

Promoted by George B. Cherian at the instance of Benjamin Cherian, the Chairman, Raj Waterscape is a subsidiary of Raj Holding, a highly reputed company with a class track record of nearly four decades. It is worthwhile noting that the business empire has already ventured into exports, print and media and property development is their latest and newest business venture.

It is interesting to note that every single project of Raj Waterscape is themed on water bodies like this Buckingham Gardens project that is located in the proximity of the picturesque Buckingham Canal and the adjacent woods both of which are not too far from the beaches adjacent to the blue seas of the Bay of Bengal!

Waterscape over landscape seems to be the new found way of a getaway!