‘Why don’t they make movies of such a magnitude and dimension frequently?’-this was a comment this writer heard while walking out of a popular theatre in the city after watching ‘John Carter’.

Set on the exotic yet mysterious planet, Barsoom (Mars), this sweeping action adventure makes a strong statement about the need to be humane while narrating the tale about a veteran of the Civil War who gets transported to a lush planet inhabited by 12-feet tall Barbarians! But yet, there is a mission too in the middle-to rescue a princess.

This come happy go happy kind of jolly ride deliberates on the thrilling experiences of a Confederate Captain who lands up on the planet of Mars to find a warring planet which is on the blink of extinction!

It all started in 1912 when it was first published in print in the form of a serial in a pulp magazine. It was again published as a book five years later with the title, ‘The Princess of Mars’. The film version that could be categorized as a science fiction as also a fantasy has been wielded by Andrew Stanton unfolding some hair-raising adventures!

The noteworthy feature of this film is the fact that everything about this movie is likeable-the larger than life characters, feisty princesses, gladiatorial battles, monsters that appear more delightful than being despicable, huge and zooming space crafts, gigantic villains etc.

Canadian model, Taylor Kitsch plays John Carter and he is a perfect choice for the character. Lynn Collins as Dejah Thoris, the Princess of Mars is bright and brittle. Mark Strong as the shape shifting Matai Shang is very impressive.

The movie has mostly been shot in the U.K., especially at the Shepperton Studios, London and at the Longcross Studios at Chelburn.

Walt Disney has brought this marvelous movie to the screens this year(2012) which happens to be the 100th anniversary of John Carter, the legendary character created by Edgar Rice Borroughs, way back in 1912!