Whenever higher education is being contemplated and that too, overseas, it is but natural that the student community as well as the elders in their respective families seeks out openings mostly in the United States of America or at U.K. or in Australia. But as at the moment, the trend appears to have undergone a sea of change with respect to education, overseas!

One hot and happening destination that stands tall and serves well is the MDIS (Management Development Institute of Singapore) stationed obviously at Singapore. Constituted in the latter half of the fifties, in the year 1956 to be precise, MDIS has evolved and expended over a period of time forging partnerships with global universities. ‘As a matter of fact, MDIS holds the distinction of being one of the oldest educational institutions in Singapore, dedicating itself to the cause of achieving highest standards in the utilization of innovative teaching techniques and methodologies while imparting education to the students’ community,’ remarks Dr. R. Theyvendran, Secretary General, MDIS. ‘From about 74 countries, nearly 13,500 students are there on our records and our institution continues to remain as a favorite destination of students from India!’ adds he who prefers to call himself as a recycled teenager on account of his never ending passion to provide a vibrant and environment friendly campus.

Mr. Mark Narusberg, Validation Officer-University of Wales, U.K., was also present on the occasion along with Dr. Theyvendran when formal announcements were made about the admissions to 3 post-graduate programs from the University of Wales- Masters in Business Administration and Masters of Science in Management (Banking, Finance/ Marketing) regarding the opening up of 3 intakes in April, July and September 2012.

It is interesting to note that the University of Wales has been associated with MDIS for over a decade’s time. Also, it is learnt that about 150 students from our country enroll for the University of Wales’ post graduate programs that are being offered at MDIS, Singapore.

About the campus, we understand that the huge campus occupies a three-hectare land area with state-of-the-art classrooms, life sciences and computer laboratories, a hospitality training center, a mass communication studio, engineering laboratory and workshop, sports facilities such as a gymnasium, badminton courts etc in addition to a amphitheatre to house art performances and other events of entertainment. It is worthwhile noting that the MDIS Residences is the very first Hostel Facility in Singapore to be awarded the Green Mark Gold Plus Award as it can accommodate about 1700 students who enjoy the hostel’s eco-friendly features and other integrated facilities.

One other special feature for the flocking of students from here in large numbers to the MDIS Campus is the fact that the crime rate in Singapore is very meager and hence the anxious parents’ community will refrain from worrying about the safety of their children who go over there to pursue their academics!